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By appointment only: lyssa@offmainmod.com 443.851.3221


I'm looking for something specific. Can you find it for me?
We love to help folks find furniture and accessories. Email us and let me know what you have in mind. We can best help people who need items similar to our Etsy Shop and Facebook Page.

I want a midcentury credenza or dresser. Can you help?
We specialize in finding midcentury credenzas and dressers. We keep a running list of people who are looking for one and send out an email when new ones come in stock. We try to keep the prices competitive to keep the pieces moving.

Can you hold a piece for me?
If you see something you like, we can hold something for a few hours to give you time to come and take a look. Inventory goes pretty quickly and we like to keep it moving.

Can I pay for something online?
You may buy any of our items online through our Etsy store. If you are local, you are welcome to buy a piece online, but please know that all sales are final. If you want to thoroughly examine the piece in person, please come see the piece before purchasing.

How do I know the condition of the piece?
We take lots of photos and try in detail to describe the piece including the condition. All of our pieces are used and decades old so it is rare a piece will be in perfect condition. For example, a credenza may come with a few light scratches or chips when you look up closely. If there is something structurally wrong with a piece (e.g., a chair is missing a cap on a foot), we will state that upfront as we want you to feel confident about what you are buying.

Do you deliver?
Please email me if you are thinking about delivery. We can deliver on a case to case basis. We do not do regular deliveries to Northern Virginia and DC. We may think about this in the future but would need to find somebody who could keep our prices affordable. For folks farther away, we can deliver if the buyer can pay for and arrange shipping details. We are happy to suggest movers and help with inquiries. We do not ship via Amtrak – this is a pretty far drive for us and because our prices are so low, we prefer, when possible, to sell locally.

How long will you store a piece once I buy it?
We have very little space so prefer that you pick up your piece when you purchase it. We can hold a piece on a case by case basis so please ask to see if that would be possible.

Do you accept returns?
All sales are final. Please examine your piece carefully before purchasing. Please know we have a long list of happy customers.

How do you determine your pricing?
We do a lot of research before setting our pricing. For pricing, we take into account the brand, the condition, the quality of the wood, and the cost of restoration. We try to keep our pricing competitive. We are able to do this because our overhead is low. We also try to stock things in a range of prices to meet different budgets.

Other questions?
Please email me at lyssa@offmainmod.com.